Maria Jurgens

Born in Bogota, Columbia (nee Pelaez)

Lives and works in Aurora, Canada

Maria received her B.Sc. (Industrial Engineering) from the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana in 1995. She took drawing courses at the Toronto School of Arts in 2005 and 2006 and started to paint in 2013 at Sherman J. Studio. As a visual artist she explores nature, everyday life and objects through painting, drawing and photography. In her work Maria scrutinizes historical painting and contemporary culture as a means to create a space of contrast where light and dark/ abstract and concrete coexist.

Maria grew up in Bogota visiting museums and reading the book “100 Obras Maestras de la Pintura” (100 Masterpieces of Painting) from her father’s library countless times. Those pages took her to a magical kingdom of colors, lights and shapes that ultimately defined her career choice. She has lived in Colombia, Denmark and Canada has also traveled extensively and spent time working in the world of business. Through those experiences Maria has learned to value other cultures as much as her own and to understand that human nature can bring out the best and the worst of society, a constant paradox that she tries to represent in her work.

Maria is working on her first group exhibition with Local Colour Aurora in the fall of 2015.


Photo courtesy of David Falconer

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Apples in a Bowl - oil

Reflections on the Pitcher - oil

Maria's Breakfast - oil

Bird of Paradise - pencil crayons on paper